Poetry Vending Machines

connect with your audience & break open a creative bubble

Having one of these repurposed, literary art-filled attractions at your event or business will create a buzz and provide memorable brand engagement. What logo, phrase, or social media campaign

would you like us to include inside the poetry bubble?

More than a product or service, you offer an EXPERIENCE.

You want people to walk away with a memory that sets you apart from the herd.

Part literary art, part nostalgia, part strategic communications - the poetry vending machines are entirely delightful. These vintage, repurposed gumball machines offer a unique take on publishing and public art that will provide a buzzworthy event or business brand experience your audience will love to share with others.


Custom Message

Our literary and marketing professionals will select an array of poems and creative writing prompts from our archives to fill your machine.

We can also:

  • Commission original works
  • Curate a call for poems by living writers based on a theme, region, occassion, etc.
  • Include brand/marketing content inside poetry bubbles, printed on the back of the poems.

Custom Styling

Your choice of:

  • Machine style (single or double, color, stand, etc.)
  • Signage design w/ your logo
  • Color and texture of paper
  • Color and style of plastic bubbles
  • Quarter, token, or no coin (free) dispensing

Custom Analytics

Measure the success of your poetry vending machine marketing campaign through:

  • Distribution/# of impressions
  • Social Media (the creation and tracking of customized campaigns and hashtags for instagram, twitter, facebook, and youtube.)
  • Crafting & tracking of a unique promotion, ad, or QR code printed in the poetry bubble.
  • Tracking of media impressions

Poetry Vending Machine Campaigns are Great For:


1 Day Marketing

Campaign & Rental

Ideal for weddings, festivals, and conferences.


  • Custom content plan
  • 300 site specific poetry bubbles (additional quantities available)
  • Delivery and pick up in Greater Nashville area. (shipping and/or pick up available)
  • Analytics report
  • Additional options and customization available.

Beginning at $150 a day.

Options & Pricing

Monthly Marketing

Campaign & Rental

Ideal for restaurants, retail spaces, and reception areas.


  • Strategic marketing plan & inclusion in monthly press release and online promotions
  • 600 site specific poetry bubbles (refills available)
  • Delivery and pick up in Greater Nashville area. (shipping and other options available)
  • Machine maintenance
  • Analytics report
  • Additional options and customization available.

Beginning at $300 a month.

Own an Original Fine Art Poetry Vending Machine

Ideal as a customized special occasion gift, public art fixture, or an addition to private art collections.

A very limited number of these collaborative, commissioned works between a renowned poet and visual artist are available for purchase each year. The one of a kind, hand painted, fine art design on the outside of each machine will be paired with original poems written based on research and interviews of your project.

Contact for Price & Availability.


Meet Stephanie Pruitt

Poetry Vending Machine Guru

Poet -- Artrepreneur -- Consultant

I love finding meaningful, value added ways to put poetry in unexpected places. For years I've taught creative writing and arts education at Vanderbilt University, Sewanee Young Writers Conference, and numerous community settings while publishing in literary journals and anthologies. With the poetry vending machines, art meets everyday life in a fun, accessible, value added way, My pre-poetry background in marketing, community programming, and entrepreneurship help me to offer an experience of both literary/artistic integrity, along with targeted brand strategies. It all adds up to a delightful business and public art experience for you and your audience. I'd love to be your creative thought partner and customize a poetry vending machine campaign with you!

What can a POEM

do for you?

Let me help you accomplish your business & strategic communication goals using poetry bubbles!

Learn More About ME & MY WORK

CONTACT me with questions or for a free

15 minute brain brew idea session.

Begin your Poetry Vending Machine ORDER.

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